Countryside hideaway Japanese style house

At the 「IGOCOCHI」Hiding away from the urban area, Japanese style house has been renovated by antique dealer. You can choose a plan that provided between the rental private cafe site or the hostel rooms for a night.
So, please planfully to enjoy nature around Japanese style house where hiddened in country side wits us.


Old private house has been renovated where space can bring you to the old Japanese atmosphere. In addition we do have convenient things also. So, You can relax with modern and antique style in our house.
This Hidden house located on Wake town in Okayama prefecture. You can planfully enjoy the time that great ways to relax in Japan’s countryside without a noisy from big city.
Our place are decorated by Fascination antique furniture such as foodstuff and amenity things. So you can feel free to stay at here like your home.

Long Stay

We do have the private houses with garden for stay overnight ,and we also have the BBQ picnic (optional). We will welcome you with the local-meal which you can join as a welcoming activity, so you can feel the real local vibe as if you were the local people

Short Stay

The host is always available to service even just a guest. We also welcome couples,families, groups of friends or even the seminar tours. We can held the party if you want us to do.

The variety of joys

Igocochi is located in Satoyama, the quiet and away-from-town place. You can spend your private time that you never have in Urban area.
Geting a chance to be apart from a noisy place just for listening to a bird chirp or an insect sound would take you to another level of being a real vacationer. Come to us and take as-long-as-you-want time in the countryside.


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632 Maruyama Wake-Cho Wake-Gun Okayama 709-0502

  • 【Sunyo Highway】Wake IC*35min By car
  • 【Chukoku Highway】Mimasaka IC*40min By car
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