Countryside hideaway Japanese style house

At the 「IGOCOCHI」Hiding away from the urban area, Japanese style house has been renovated by antique dealer. You can choose a plan that provided between the rental private cafe site or the hostel rooms for a night.
So, please planfully to enjoy nature around Japanese style house where hiddened in country side wits us.

RoomsFacillity details

Japanese style kitchen 18㎡
Guest room(Flooring) 8 mats ×2 Rooms
Guest room(Tatami mats) 8 mats ×1 Room
Living room(Flooring) 8 mats ×1 Room
Broad veranda 12㎡
Shower room 1 Room
Natural bath room 1 Room
Single bed 2 Beds
Futon Set (Japanese style bed) 2 Set(Max 4 Set)

Experience of country life

At 「IGOKOCHI」we have a bath that heated directly from beneath and old cooking stove. You can enjoy with a rice cooked by chopping wood and a bath through firewood splitting. That is can't really be experienced easily.

【Important notice】
For the approach of chopping wood and make a fire are involving danger. However If you do not have experience please be sure to receive guidance from our staff and for a children please do not forget to bring along with adults.
※If you have injuried by chopping wood or make a fire please understand that It will be do at your own risk.
※We have to claim compensation for damage caused by Facility・Damaging of furniture or Fire etc.

Barbecue Party

Since you have come all the way to countryside in Japan, Why do not lets have try some activities with your friend or family.
We will be preparing a barbecue grill and firewood so, You can bring in your favorite ingredients to enjoy with BBQ in your stay.


Available time

■Short plan
You can choose required time from 4 Hours, 6 Hours, 8 Hours.
■Stay plan
Check-out untill 10:00
Stay plan is available within above time only.
Show price

Free services

Kitchen Stuff (Cutlery 8 Sets, Pot, Pan etc.) / Ingredients (Salt, Pepper, Cooking oil) / Towel / Hair- Dryer / TV / Free wifi / Refrigerator / Washing machine / Clothesline / BBQ stove (Use for foodstuff) / Mosquito coil

Client have to prepare by them self

Toothbrush,Bath Stuff, Bug repellent spray

■BBQ use case
Ingredients/BBQ sauce/Charcoal/Tongs/Firelighter
■Cook rice By Old cooking stove
Rice/Fire lighter/(Firewood sale for 500JPY/kg)
■Bath with Old stove (Goemonburo)
Fire lighter (Firewood sale for 500JPY/kg)